love yoga tree
Yoga & Massage Therapy with Natalie in Totnes, Devon
love yoga tree
Yoga & Massage Therapy with Natalie in Totnes, Devon



New Flow Class starting Tuesday 9th October, 2018 at the Civic Hall, Market Square, Totnes.


Due to popular demand, Natalie will begin a new flow class in the mornings at the very central and spacious Civic Hall at the Market Square in Totnes.  Get your day off to a good start by moving, stretching, toning and increasing blood flow to your brain!  The class will be a fluid flow building up slowly towards a sequence of strength building postures and will gradually wind down to floor stretches, finishing with relaxation.  Feel energised, strong, grounded and calm all before 10.30 in the morning…perfect time for coffee and cake!

All levels are welcome.  Natalie works hard to ensure everyone of her students feels comfortable, safe and confident in their practice and appreciates how intimidating it can be to join a yoga class.  With this in mind, Natalie encourages you as a yoga student to only ever do what feels good for your body.

Drop In £8/ 10 Class Package £70 – and can be used at any of Natalie’s classes at Chapel House Studios and the Civic Hall


Vinyasa Yoga

Thursday 6.30- 7.45pm

Vinyasa is a dynamic, active style sometimes referred to as Power yoga.

Regular practise will increase your fitness levels, build strength and stamina, improve your posture, stretch and tone your muscles, increase organ circulation and get you fit.

Drop In £8/ 10 Class Package  £70

Chapel House Studios
All levels welcome


1:1 Private Session

1:1 Tuition can help improve your practise with emphasis on correct alignment of asanas. Private sessions are 75 minutes long and can be tailored to your specific needs. E.g. to allieviate back pain, to increase fitness, to build confidence, to incorporate a daily yoga routine into your life.

1:1 Tuition
£55/ 75 mins

This includes a consultation, practice and a personal program to take home with you.



Yin Yoga

Monday 6.30 -7.45pm
Wedensday 10.45am -12

Yin is a gentle, passive style where all poses are done on the mat (no standing). The emphasis is on breathing while we hold the poses for a few minutes.

Regular Yin practise will help you sleep better, give you more energy, relieve muscular tension and joint pain, create a deeper awareness of your body, calm your mind and relax your body and will enable you to become more mindful.

Drop In £8/ 10 Class Package £70
Chapel House Studios
All levels welcome


Why Do Yoga?

  • Yoga reduces stress</h4 >

  • Eases muscular pain and joint stiffness</h4 >

  • Calms the mind</h4 >

  • Improves mental focus</h4 >

  • Helps to control your reactions to difficult situations in life</h4 >

  • Helps you to relate better to yourself and others</h4 >

  • Boosts concentration and confidence</h4 >

  • Encourages self acceptance</h4 >

  • Builds immunity, increasing your overall health and ability to fight infections</h4 >

  • Improves circulation and stimulates strong organ health</h4 >

  • Increases stamina and strength</h4 >

  • Improves fitness</h4 >

  • Can aid weight loss</h4 >

  • Can ease back pain</h4 >

  • Increases self awareness</h4 >

  • Encourages all body systems to work in harmony</h4 >

  • Creates balance in all aspects of your life</h4 >

  • Makes you feel alive and present in your body.</h4 >