Massage Space

I am very excited to reveal that I have moved my massage practice to 3 The Library Rooms, 59 High Street, Totnes, TQ9 5NU.

The new space has a comfortable, light waiting area and offers a cosy, warm and spacious treatment room.  For details of treatments available, please see below. Booking is essential - spaces get booked up quickly and in advance so plan ahead your well deserved healing and nurturing time.

Therapists - My peaceful healing space in the heart of Totnes is available for hire.  It suits bodywork specialists, counsellors and teachers.

Please call 07516720246 or email me - natalie@loveyogatree.co.uk to have a wee chat or make an appointment.

I have trained in a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology. Using a combination of these techniques I specialize in therapeutic massage and work intuitively with your body. I have been working as a Holistic Therapist for over 18 years.

Benefits of Massage

  • Eases muscular tension and pain

  • Can allieviate back ache and stiff joints

  • Reduces stress

  • Relieves tension headaches

  • Can help reduce migraines

  • Aids healthy digestion

  • Boosts circulation

  • Increases joint mobility

  • Helps ease swollen ankles

  • Relieves pmt



A method that activates the healing powers of the body, based on the principle that there are reflex zones on the feet that correspond with different organs and parts of the body.

What does Reflexology do?

  • Reduces stress

  • Balances the whole system

  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities

  • Revitalises energy

  • Improves circulaion

  • Induces deep relaxation

  • Stimulates creativity and productivity

  • Works as preventive health care

Top to Toe

Enjoy the benefits of both massage and reflexology with a combination treatment. I start with a half an hour (or time of your choice) of reflexology on your feet and another half of your treatment time on your shoulder, neck, face and head massage.

This massage makes you feel extremely relaxed and gives you a sense of having your whole body treated. If you feel uncomfortable taking your clothes off or self conscious, this treatment will suit you as you can receive it fully clothed.

Indian Head Massage

An intensive massage technique that focuses on your upper back, arms, neck, head and scalp. A very good treatment for clients who hold stress and tension around the shoulder and neck areas, for people who suffer from tension headaches and jaw ache or discomfort.

Also suits clients who are more comfortable sitting at a chair rather than lying down.


Reiki is a gentle style of energy healing.  A very non-evasive treatment, clients remain fully clothed while I place my hands on the energetic chakra centres of your body.  This kind of healing helps all manner of physical ailments and is particularly beneficial for calming, soothing and relaxing.  Clients often report feeling (re)grounded, experiencing a feeling of centredness and clarity.  The range of results are too broad to include in this short description!

Therapeutic Massage

Over 18 years of massage experience, I have developed my own unique style of massage where I listen with my hands and work intuitively with your body.

Deep tissue massage technique is used to release tight areas in the body.   My massage has been described as being in a place "somewhere inbetween being completely pummelled and falling asleep" See Client Love for testimonials.

Investment Options

Personally, I feel a bit cheated when it advertises an hour long massage and you only actually receive 45minutes. So I have given the actual massage time you will get (how long you will be physically massaged for!) and also the time that the whole appointment will take in brackets.

£25 Taster                20 min massage   (30 min appointment)

£40                            45 min massage   (60 min appointment)

£45                            60 min massage   (75 min appointment)

£50                            75 min massage   (90min appointment)

£60                            90 min massage   (105 min appointment)



Massage Tuition

For Couples

A massage from your friend or partner can be appealing - even a short 10 minute muscle manipulation can be very beneficial for releasing tension or muscle tightness.  But, however well intentioned, a massage from someone who doesn't really know what they are doing is not always as pleasurable or relaxing as it could be!  In my Massage Tuition for Couples sessions, I provide a comfortable, safe environment to teach people who would like to learn the basics of massage.  In a 1:2 session, I teach hands-on massage techniques that couples can then use themselves at home.

Investment - £60 (£30 per couple)


For Qualified Therapists

I am offering a tuition service to qualified massage therapists who would like to develop or hone their skills.  I have been working as a Holistic Therapist for nearly 20 years and have set up and run 3 successful Yoga and Massage businesses.  This session not only provides practical advice on technique and how to not suffer burn out, but I also offer helpful tips to build and maintain a successful business.

Investment - £75