Professor J. Richardson

Health Service Research, Plymouth University

"Natalie is an excellent teacher who brings a calm and confident approach to her pratice and way of being with her students. The Yin Yoga class on a Monday is calm, focused and encourages us to be mindful and a wonderful way to start the week. In contrast, the Vinyasa class on Thursdays in energetic and can be challenging. Natalie's yoga classes feed my body and soul.


M. Ingram

Natalie is an excellent yoga teacher whose 1:1 Yoga Sessions are instructive, clear and helpful. She is very personable and shows patience and emphathy in her teaching.


Ilse Johnson

Chef & Restaurant Owner

I see Natalie once a month and cannot express how wonderful I feel following a treatment with her. She is a highly professional therapist who is also extrememly warm, sincere and engaging. Her massage technique has been the only style that has resoloved my neck and shoulder pain. She has an incredible skill of working deep into the muscle tissue while maintaining a complete sense of floating. Worth every single penny!


Mrs V Leask

Being somoone who is very self concious about my body and suffers from anxiety, depression and low self esteem, I can honestly say that meeting Natalie has made me feel so much better about myself. Her personable and welcoming manner reassured me from our first meeting. She has gently guided me through a personal yoga program exactly suited to my needs and ability which we build on monthly. I have also had the confidence to experience her deeply therapeutic massage treatements which have been a real release of stress and tension for me.